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FHA Loan Articles

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  • Best and Worst Cities For First Time Homebuyers

    Purchasing a home is a big financial decision for homebuyers, especially those who might be going through the homebuying process for the first time. Often times first-time buyers are looking for that extra reassurance that they are making the right decision.

  • Home Buying Checklist: 10 Tips and Tricks for New Buyers

    Buying a house is a big undertaking. Not only is it a lot of work (and a lot of money), but it’s also a decision that will impact your life significantly — for years, maybe even for decades to come.

  • How to Build a Home with an FHA New Construction Loan

    The flexibility of an FHA mortgage is often underappreciated. Many homebuyers are surprised to find that FHA loans can be used to finance a variety ...

  • Best First-Time Homebuyer Programs

    First-time homebuyers have a multitude of home loan programs available to them that make it easier to achieve the dream of homeownership without the traditional 20% down payment and strict credit requirements. This article breaks down the basics of the most popular programs available to first-time homebuyers.

  • Comparing FHA and Conventional Home Loans

    When it comes to mortgages, you have a lot of options. Two of the most common are FHA and conventional loans. Though both can be great products to help you buy a home, each has its own unique pros and cons...

  • FHA Loan Down Payment Requirements

    One of the biggest benefits of an FHA loan is the low down payment it requires. FHA loans require a down payment of just 3.5 ...

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